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Taking our cue from Custom

April 9th, 2012

Whether you are completely new to my work or very familiar with it,  I want to welcome you to our brand new site, debuting our completely new line.

“Ours” because this has been a concerted group effort to get both the Fall line and the Website together and launched… and yes, it has been a long time coming – I know I have been chomping at the bit!

So above and beyond all my wonderful clients I have had the pleasure to work with  over the last few years.  I been very thrilled and lucky to have found some amazing people to work with over the course of developing this new line which  has been inspired in no small part by my custom clientele.

Some of these amazing people I have known years now and some are completely new to this Fashion (and Leather) world.  All are super talented and each & everyone has brought something valuable to the table.  So thank you Phillip, (photos) Scott, (overall support) Karen, for her tremendous help with both patterns and samples.  Erin and Mary, my super-multi-talented assistants.  And most importantly Daniel, for his massive support & belief in my work.

Because of my clients,  I made the decision to step the line up several notches from my former production work and bring it much closer in line to the custom made, bespoke work that I have been specializing in since 2005.  The detail, fit and finishing of my custom work is reflected in this line.  (With, of course, the best quality European and Domestic skins, 100% silk linings and riri zippers throughout.)  This is the type of work that really inspires me.  When a client tells me they still love & wear something I made them 10 or 15 years ago I could not be happier!  Whether it’s from my very original World Domination line or from my old TriBeCa store.  It tells me I’ve been doing something right.  I want to do more of it!



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